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29 Jun 2017
Sound Healing
Can you think about a tune which had a powerful effect on your emotions? How about the sound of a vehicle accident happening nearby - what would that do in your body? Do you feel somewhat uncomfortable just thinking about that audio? It is clear that sound and music are strong forces in our own lives. Imagine what might be possible if you can harness that power to create a positive, recovery response.

Healing with Sound

This is Sound Healing, a form of energy medicine or vibrational treatment designed to have a measurable impact on organs and tissues as well as endothelial activity that alters how someone feels, functions and responds. It's also powerful from the body to induce a state of calm, slow and regular breathing, reduced blood pressure, alleviate pain, and decrease stress, all which boost the operation of the immune system. Sound can take your mind waves from active to alpha, as if you were meditating.

We know what a great health benefit it would be to reduce stress, and using music and sound to help do that is a fun, powerful and effective approach to enhance health and enhance energy. In reality, sound and music can help you change from one state of energy to another, from feeling tired and depressed, to feeling more calm, energetic and happier. Often, emotional and emotional difficulties can also be resolved.

Hospitals and clinics today use sound to heal in several of ways, from music in the sitting room, to ultrasound waves targeted at kidney stones to dissolve them. After WW II, the benefits of audio gained attention in the West when veterans in hospitals and homes reacted extremely positively to seeing musicians. Today, hospitals are being constructed with music and sound as an integral part of the architecture, with various music for waiting areas, outpatient clinics and emergency rooms, and even at the working rooms, all designed to help patients in recovery, and to rejuvenate and support staff.

Sound healing relies on vibrational frequencies. Physics tells us that everything in the universe is made of energy that vibrates in its own unique frequency or speed. If a person is in pain or feels out of balance it may be because his or her subtle energy system is blocked in one or more places, along with any bodily troubles.

When portions of the body such as organs, muscles, and bones are vibrating at their usual frequency, a person is healthy. If a component is decomposed at a frequency that's not in harmony with a person, he or she's unhealthy. Using sound, audio tools, technique and intention, the sound healer helps to release the pain, and assists the person in recovery by making changes in the unhealthy sound patterns found in someone who is sick or emotionally upset.


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